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SEPT. 4-7, 2014

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"In the warming sun, we were constantly entertained by the never-ending barrage of low altitude fly-bys. What a great town this is! Cubs, Taylorcrafts, ultralights, Cessnas of all types and colors buzzing right down Main Street, all eyes upturned. But instead of folks running to the phone to call the local FAA office to report low flying aircraft, there is a reverence expressed by the onlookers, and an occasional "Oouu" or "Aaah". It seems as if everyone in this town loves airplanes.

It got me to thinking about how many thousands and thousands of times I have watched an airplane take off or land or fly by; and yet when I hear that sound, I am impelled to turn my head and watch, regardless of what is going on in my life at that moment. In Greenville, Maine, there is no shame in it. People fly, drive, walk, or canoe to this beautiful little town on the south shore of Moosehead Lake in droves from all over the country to sit on the docks, or in lawn chairs, or on the tops of their RV's, to watch airplanes. This is my kind of town."  - The Great Arctic Air Adventure Blog by Mark Schoening and Doug DeVries.

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2014 International Seaplane Fly-In

Contest Results

The Bush Pilot's Canoe Race was canceled due to weather, as were the Taxi Slaloms.

The winner of the Poker Run was Perry Williams of Rangeley.  This was his 9th  Fly-In. Perry has had his private license since 2004. According to his pilot profile, he and Melinda LOVE seaplanes!!

In the Bomb Drop, Class 1, Brian and Jim Dunn were the winners.  They are part of the “Flying Dunn Family” who have been attending the Fly-In for the last 30 years.  I don't know what we would do if we didn't have the Dunns to participate! 

Mary Build and Mark Gilbert were the 2nd place winners in the Bomb Drop, Class 1.  Mary has been attending the Fly-In for the last 17 years and always participates in the Poker Run and the Bomb Drop. She has had her license since 1992. Last year Mary donated a Seaplane Rating to the SPA.   Mark Gilbert is from Rockwood and is a nephew of Rodney Folsom.

The Spot Landing Class 1 winner was Perry Virgin of Peru (Maine, that is) who has been  attending the Fly-In for more than 25 years -He has had his pilot's certificate for so long that he can't remember when he didn't have it!

Ken Cody was the 2nd place winner.  Ken is from Meredith, NH.

Winner of the Spot Landing, Class 2,was Gary Lickle of Palm Beach, Florida. This was his first Fly-In and he participated in all the contests! He has been flying since 1979.

Bob Welch of Rockwood took 2nd place in the Spot Landing, Class 2.

In the Class 2 Take-Off Competition the winners were Ken Cody in first place and Perry Virgin in 2nd.

Class 4 Take-Off saw Brian Dunn win and Pete Marucci take 2nd place.  Pete has been attending the Fly-In for 15  years.  He runs Mast Cove Seaplane Base in Naples, Maine.

In Class 5 Take-Off, Randy Strebig  who has been attending our Fly-In for the last 8 years, took 1st place.  He and Allison fly in from Fort Wayne, Indiana in their Maule, M-7 235.   He has been a pilot since 1995 and has over 2800 hours flight time.  Allison's dad taught her to fly in a 170.  She has over 2500  hours since she got her certificate in 1999.

In 2nd place in the Class 5 Take-Off was Tom Dunn.  Tom has been attending the Fly-In for more than 30 years.  He participates in all the contests, got his pilot's license in 1989, wants to be #1, and is married to the Lovely Penny.

Winner of the Class 6 Take-Off was Brad Libby and Jim Duggan of Montreal took 2nd place.  Brad Libby is from Lincoln. The 30 year-old has been a pilot for 4 years, owns a computer communications company in Lincoln, flies a Cessna 185 and became a new Dad in June! It is his 2nd year of competing at the Fly-In.

Jim Duggan also won the Sportsmanship Award, along with fellow Canadian, Giles LaPierre. 

Shey Gardner of Lincoln won the Take-Off Special.  Shey is from Lincoln (another protege` of Keith Strange), works for W.T. Gardner, flies a Cessna 180 Float plane that he owns with his brother, Tyler.  Both boys soloed on the same day and later got their pilot's licenses on the same day.  This is Shey's 2nd year of competition.  He is a 2nd generation competitor at our Fly-In. (Tom Gardner).

Class 7 Take-Off Competition was won by Gary Lickle, with Eric Cianchette taking 2nd.  Eric is from Falmouth and has been attending the Fly-In for a while.  If he had filled out his “Pilot Profile” I could tell you more about him!!

Congratulations and a big thank you to all who participated in this year's Fly-In. If not for all of you, there wouldn't be a Fly-In!!



The Seaplane Base radio frequency for the Fly-In will be 123.3. The airport frequency remains 122.8.


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