Jack's Airservice's dock downtown is available for seaplane docking this summe . Please call ahead at 695-3020.

The Greenville Seaplane Base, one mile west of the Greenville Municipal Airport, (3B1), on the southernmost tip of Moosehead Lake is the site of the 40th Annual International Seaplane Fly-In.

When filing flight plan to Greenville Seaplane Base, use 52B as destination identifier - To Greenville Municipal Airport use 3B1.

Seaplane arrivals to Greenville Seaplane Base, (52B), use routes depicted at 2000 MSL, Amphibious or land plane arrivals to Greenville Municipal Airport, (3B1), fly left hand pattern at 2400 MSL.

Use caution if winds favor Rwy 14 at Greenville Municipal Airport, (3B1), as base leg conflicts with proper downwind leg to Seaplane Base.

Land only in marked corridors as rocks and shallow water are prevalent outside both lanes at the Seaplane Base.

Radio frequency for Seaplane Base is 123.3 (Fly-In week only), and 122.8 for Greenville Municipal Airport.

AWOS - 207-695-0732

No step taxi or landing in lower part of cove nearest town due to heavy boat and seaplane traffic.

No flying under 600 AGL in lower part of cove due to heavy traffic.

Contact Greenville Seaplane Base on 123.3 for water conditions (during Fly-In week only).

Due to parking area constraints, park amphibious aircraft not competing in contests at Greenville Municipal Airport (3B1).

Camping is available at the airport.

Transportation is available to and from Greenville Municipal Airport for those of you who fly in (3B1).

Prior to International Seaplane Fly-In, information on lodging, dining and local activities is available by calling (207) 695-2702.

Information on Fly-In activities and arrival procedures is available by calling (207) 695-6121 anytime and leaving a message or by visiting our web site @ www.seaplanefly-in.org. Please leave a message if no one is available to take your call. Our office has been moved and we are waiting for a phone to be installed. . Thanks.


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